Emily & Nathaniel - 50mm Wedding
↑ So, what's this about a 50mm Wedding, I hear you say? Well... this is a project that I have been working on for about 1 year. It involves using a single camera and a single lens, the Canon 50mm f/1.2L to shoot an entire wedding from start to finish. No other lenses are used and it's just the one camera. The big advantage to using just the one camera and one lens is that I have a greater ability to react quickly to situations and capture moments in a more instinctive way. Instead of having to decide what lens is best for a certain shot, I just go ahead and take the shot with the 50mm. Because the 50mm is a prime lens and not a zoom, it means that if I want to get a close-up shot, I have to get closer. If I want a wider shot, then I have to move back. In the gallery below, you'll see highlights from a wedding where every single shot was taken with one 50mm lens and one camera. What I've discovered is that shooting this way is overall, not a limitation but rather an improvement to the end result. There is a universal consistency to the images, due to the field of view being exactly the same for each shot. So, when you book me to photograph your wedding, seriously consider telling me that you want it shot '50mm style' because as you can see from Emily and Nathaniel's wedding photography below, the results are nothing short of amazing.