Wedding Albums
↑ 8x8 --> 12x12 --> 10x10
↑ 10x10 Location Spread

On this page are photographs of wedding albums that are offered in my packages. There are three sizes available - 8x8", 10x10" and 12x12". I personally design each album in consulation with you and like to arrange the photographs in a simple and clean "art" style.

The covers feature a photograph fully wrapped across front and back covers for a beautiful, contemporary finish. Inner pages are flush mount, which means that the photographs can extend right to the edge of the page, giving great flexibility to design, maintaining a sleek, minimilist style album.

If you'd like to see these albums in person, then head over to the contact section and send me a message. I'd be happy to show you!

↑ Close up of centre crease - barely visible!
↑ Spine names & date
↑ Craig & Sian 10x10 - Bangalow Mural Page
↑ Craig & Sian 10x10 - Bangalow Main Street Sunset
↑ All sizes with spine text
↑ Max & Chantelle 12x12 Ceremony Spread
↑ Max & Chantelle 12x12 Preparation Pages
↑ Max & Chantelle 12x12 Preparation Pages Closeup
↑ Album Stack - 12x12 at Bottom, then 10x10 & 8x8
↑ Album Stack - 12x12 at Bottom, then 10x10 & 8x8
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 in box
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 group spread
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 Closeup
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 Location Spread
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 Location Spread Closeup
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 Cover
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 Cover Open
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 Preparation Pages
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 Spine
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 DTP Embossing
↑ Milli & Blake 8x8 Box